I read today in a magazine
that men don't like girls who are
shy and sad so now
I wear my magic smile, just for you
I put my magic boots, I ride my magic horse

I am so brave, I don't fear anything
I don't even fear
under my skirt , I wrote all amends
and give the money, to dady
you're the man, I'm the girl,
we look good together

and now I'm the richest girl in all the country
you call me 'baby' you say you want me
but honey, it's too late
now I'm the queen of rodeo
you missed your chance
you're no longer my heroe

you're bitching dady
you don't respect the rules
you stole my money
and ran away with your poney
and now I'm gonna kill you
I'll shoot you in the head
now I'm gonna kill you
I'm gonna shoot you in the head

you didn't want me and that was very clear
I will never never forget it

7.4.09 19:25


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